My heart really hurts today.

I hate when past loves and relationships come up in life and all you wanna do is be in love with that person again before everything got screwed up.

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*walks into school*


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Orange is the New Black makes me want to be a bad bitch and get sent to prison

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My therapist asked me to create something “motivating” so I made these.


I really love these, and I reblog them every single time. Some of you don’t realize how easy it’s to forget to do some of those stuff or how hard they can be some days.

Love seeing things like this

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I think my parents consider me to be a god. Because they always ask me ridiculous questions that I don’t have the answer to.

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short hair pros

  • no tangles
  • only 1 box of dye no matter how thick your hair is!
  • wow you save like $18372 on shampoo and product
  • people can play with your hair without getting tangles
  • can fluff it like a punk or slick it back like a classy person

short hair cons

  • like 3 style options. maybe 4.
  • no mermaid hair when you swim
  • no hair-stache
  • sticks up at crazy angles while you sleep
  • can never sleep with wet hair
  • ever.

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i hate you but i know we still think about each other

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my story

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